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The sugar you don't know you're eating – nbc25news.com

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Some things, you just know, are loaded with sugar. Others can be a little more tricky.

If you want to know what's in the foods you eat, start by looking at food labels.

"It's a good idea, but it doesn't get all the sugar from your diet. It's really difficult to know what's healthy and what's not," says Dr. Taylor Wallace, who is promoting the Atkin's Diet's latest book, "Eat Right, Not Less".

The Atkins diet started the "no carb" phenomenon. Carbs and sugar go hand in hand.

Carbs, Wallace says, add to the murkiness of the words "sugar free" on. That's because our bodies actually convert carbs to sugar.

"Your body only handles about one to two teaspoons of sugar at a time. So, you might have heard something like, 'A whole wheat bagle is healthy,' but, in fact, your body converts that bagle into about eight teaspoons of sugar. So, your body stores that extra, additional 6 teaspoons as fat," Wallace says, describing what's called "the hidden sugar effect".

So, Wallce suggests looking at the both the sugar and carbohydrate content in food.

He also suggests looking even deeper, at incredients, watching out for startches, or refined carbohydrates. They are not just in breads and pastas, either.

"Even things like potatoes are very starchy," Wallace says, "And your body, again, converts that into sugar."

Fruits and vegetables, which we are always told to eat in abundance, contain both natural sugars and carbs, but they also work pretty hard for our bodies.

"They also have high amounts of dietary fiber and other antioxidants, that will bind and block sugar from being absorbed in your body," Wallace says.

So, do your homework, find out what's really inside what you choose to eat and drink.

For more information about sugar and the Atkins Diet, you can visit Atkins website.

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